The Tunnel - Leake Street, Waterloo


The Tunnel, Waterloo: an ever-changing, graffiti lovers’ heaven.

The Tunnel – Leake Street, Waterloo

If I told you that there was a place in London where you can go, take pictures, and each time you’d return it would be different, you would probably laugh and say " Are you pulling my leg?!". Well, actually I’m not. This grimy wonderland of colour-splashed walls is like a Lomo lover’s dream.

The Tunnel is a place where graffiti artists can legally go and do their thing without any hassle. Walk through at the end and you will come out into an open area. This normally has all kinds of rubbish that people decide to leave there. For the public, its a nuisance, but for me I think it’s great and along with all the puddles and their reflections, it really helps give depth in your photos. Definitely a hidden gem in London but shh..don’t tell everyone!

written by tricky_eye_line on 2011-04-03 #places #graffiti #landmark #tunnel #location #london #changing #lcg

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  1. electricsick
    electricsick ·

    Very nice place. We should have something like that here in Portugal

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