A Brush With The Law: The Royal Courts of Justice

London Hit List #20 Law Courts

The Royal Courts of Justice a.k.a. the Law Courts is located on the Strand in London. It is a very impressive neo-gothic building where the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Justice are located. As I often walk down the Strand due to it’s close proximity to universities and libraries, I pass the Law Courts a lot. Because of the law courts and the near-by Inns of Court, the area is always full of lawyers (hence it is often hard to find anywhere to sit in local cafes at lunch time!), but on Sundays it feels like a ghost town. On a day-to-day basis there is usually at least one journalist opposite the main entrance, and you always know when a big court case is on because that one journalist suddenly multiplies into a whole swarm. They do give rather infrequent tours of the building about twice a month.

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