A Dancefloor: Pineapple Dance Studios London

London Hit List #22 Pineapple Dance Studios

I stumbled upon Pineapple Dance Studios quite by accident when I was taking a shortcut in Covent Garden. I was vaguely familiar with it from seeing ads for the reality TV show. While I am absolutely terrified of the thought of taking a class myself, I often cut down Langley Street and the energy of the classes usually impels me to stop for a moment and watch through the conveniently placed street window (I also loved the Banksy/Banksy-like stencil next to the window). Before you think this is strange…I’ve seen very large groups of people standing there watching the classes. Few seem able to resist stopping and watching for a while… even me and my sheer horror of dance classes!

written by kitde on 2011-04-05 #places #location #venue #lcg-hitlist-dancefloor-dancing-pineapple-london-coventgarden

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