A Place to Spot A Celebrity - Primrose Hill

London Hit List #13: Primrose Hill; a place to spot celebrities although overall, it’s just a nice neighborhood to belong in, a great change of pace from the usual London scenery.

Ok, I have to admit, I have yet to see a celebrity in Primrose Hill, although apparently many live in the area. Its list of notable residents past and present reads like a list of who’s who of tinsel town. While celebrities remain elusive, I can totally understand why they would choose to live in Primrose Hill. It feels peaceful but not sleepy – hopefully that makes sense! It doesn’t feel like you are in London at all, but a nice village. While the housing prices remain far above my budget, I have decided that my dream house would be in Primrose Hill – if I lived there I would have a better chance of running into any celebrity neighbours.

written by kitde on 2011-03-27 #places #location #travel-destination #lcg-hitlist-london-primrose-hill-celebrity

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