The Serpentine Lido

London Hit List #5: The Serpentine Lido. not just any ordinary swimming pool. If you’re more of the adventurous kind and you want to cool off a bit, do check out this place.

The Serpentine Lido isn’t your typical outdoor swimming pool; it is located in the Serpentine Lake in London’s famous Hyde Park. As long as you don’t mind encountering the occasional duck or swan it is a fantastic place to swim! Unfortunately it is only open during the summer months, unless you are part of the Serpentine Swimming Club who swim year round (including Christmas Day Swims!). I can think of no better place in London to enjoy a swim than in the middle of Hyde Park!

written by kitde on 2011-03-28 #places #landmark #location #lcg-hitlist-lido-serpentine-london-swimming-pool-parks

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