A British Bulldog - Winston Churchill in London

London Hit List #6 Winston Churchill in Parliament Square in London

Winston Churchill is “iconically” identified with the bulldog (despite the fact that he actually owned a miniature poodle named Rufus), so much so that he is often referred to as ‘the British Bulldog’.

There is a statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square in London. While he shares Parliament Square with several other statues, including one of Nelson Mandela, he is also currently sharing it with a camp of anti-war protesters, hence the security, and chain-link fences, although no one seems to mind if you make a beeline across the busy road (there is no pedestrian crossing to actually get to Parliament Square) to take pictures.

Around the corner are the Churchill War Rooms a.k.a. the Cabinet War Rooms which is linked to a very good exhibit (The Churchill Museum) dedicated to Churchill’s Life. I highly recommend a visit!

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