Diana Mini-My personal key of life


For me, Diana Mini is like a “Key”, her tiny body with the bags, you can open your door of eyes whenever you go.

I started to use Diana Mini since 2010 summer, I have to thanks my friend Jeansman gave me the chance to let her live with me (he gave her to me as a present). Diana Mini had a tiny body and she is light, so you can just put her in your bag easily, that’s why I said she like the key that you can use this key to open you view anytime.

Be honestly, she makes my life more interesting, I can shoot the film whenever I want, way to school, ride my motorbike waiting the red light, have meal with friends…etc. Because it’s small aperture, usually I use ISO 400’s film in normal day, cloudy day I’ll use ISO 800, I also use 100, but not much, my favorite with mini is LOMO ISO800. I’m still trying to use different films in different occasions, also try more meaning way to record my life.

Now, I like to bring her to travel, I can record my life just taking her out from the bag, in the train, on the bridge, in the night, on the street. I’m lucky that I’ve ready bring her to Europe, Asia and South America, I hope next destination will be Africa if I can make it.

Anyway, you are always expecting what you will find when you open the door by this key, which color, who’s there, some sky or floor, this is also the reason that I choose the film camera, I’d love to expect the feeling, the surprise of the photos. So what are you waiting for, join the film and come to join the Mini.

written by bboysherman on 2011-04-01 #gear #review #user-review #diana-mini-live-key-life-review

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