Louis Vuitton's Double Exposure


One of the biggest fashion brands out there, Louis Vuitton puts the analogue in the spotlight with its short film entitled, “Double Exposure”. This film shows insights into analogue photography and is accompanied by an informative look into wet plate photography.

The description of the short film according to the Louis Vuitton Facebook page:
“Double Exposure’ encapsulates two facets of the individual. Firstly, personal insights via the revelation of treasured possessions. The second is a photographic exposure brought to life in a unique ‘wet plate’ portrait styled by Bay Garnett”

The subject of the portrait is filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood. She goes on to share her treasured possessions which include a Leica M7 camera.

“I’ve got a couple of favorite cameras. I’d say this is pretty much my favorite that I’d like to have with me most of the time. I have to try and keep it with me so I don’t have to use my iPhone. I like to still stick with film, so that some of the mistakes that I make aren’t just whitewashed by digital life.” – Sam Taylor-Wood

“It seems to me that we are so saturated with the disposable imagery of today. And I wanted to find a photographic technique that counteracted that.” – Tom Craig

Photographer Tom Craig used Wet Plate method to capture the portraits. It is a very old-fashioned technique in photography that dates back to 1851. He explains the process in one of the videos in the link provided below.

“The wet plate process genuinely is a form of alchemy, it is a combination of chemicals and temperatures and times and preparation of what you hope. In the end there will be a truly unique object.” – Tom Craig

“I like the difference between how speedy everything is today, including the way we take pictures, to how we can slow everything back down again” – Sam Taylor-Wood

Louis Vuitton Facebook Page

Photographs by Tom Craig
Styled by Bay Garnett for Louis Vuitton

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