SuperSampler Care 101


Sometimes it’s hard to be gentle with your cameras! (Especially when you’re running around town and constantly pulling them in & out of your camera bag.) Here are just a few quick tips for how to take care of common issues that may come up for your Lomography Supersampler and make sure you’re ready to snap that quick shot!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my chrome Lomo Supersampler! Still, I have to confess that sometimes I’m not so gentle with it…especially since I normally carry more than one camera & constantly pull them in and out of my bag when I have them with me. Here are just a few quick, super-easy tips to boost your camera’s sturdiness for an active day of shooting.

Here’s what you’ll need:
-Your supersampler
-Super glue, Krazy glue, any super-strong adhesive of your choice
-A permanent marker
-Electrical tape

The VERY first thing I did when I got my camera was to super-glue the viewfinder into place.

I’ll admit, I don’t use the viewfinder very often, but I didn’t really want to lose it either. The plastic piece pops out VERY easily & it definitely wouldn’t stay on in if I put the camera in my bag. I just glued that little thing in place and it hasn’t moved since! (On the other hand, the fact that it pops out very easily is good news if you don’t like the piece.)

Next, since this camera has two speed setting for taking sequential shots, I used a permanent marker and to identify the “Slow” setting. This helps me quickly figure out what’s going on when I grab my camera in a hurry and the switch has flipped itself in my bag.

This last tip is something that became more necessary over time. Wear and tear on my camera over time has caused it to seal less tightly when I load film and snap it shut. Well, no problem! I just use everyone’s standard Holga trick and pull out my trusty roll of electrical tape to cover up the gaps. Use a transparent tape if you want to keep the light leaks, but taping the camera ensures it won’t pop open when you’re not expecting it!

Anyhow, those are my quick maintenance tips for a really excellent camera that always produces interesting shots! Any fellow Supersampler lovers out there?

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  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    I love my supersampler! Great toy camera to take out on a sunny day! I've already lost the viewfinder and I generally remember which is slow and fast, but not experienced any light leaks yet. I hope my advance cord doesn't break though!

  2. photochrom
    photochrom ·

    linna, please stop SPAMming!

  3. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    how do you make it so one of the lenses doesnt go super slow on you? thats how mine always breaks after a while, I'm on my 4th one now I think, or 3rd, yeah 4th, I love the cam so hard though

  4. fefeio
    fefeio ·

    i'm excited to test this! very cool.

  5. squamy
    squamy ·

    I LOVE my supersampler...but it is very poorly :( One of the lenses the shutter is permenantly open and the last roll I had got stuck in it.It doesn't seem to wind anymore. It was my first Lomo camera and I just can't let it go!!

  6. helenapie
    helenapie ·

    I have had two of these cameras...I love the idea of them, but I have received two in a row that just do not work! The shutter speeds were different leaving 2 out of 4 frames under exposed :( and then the second one I got two of the shutters would not move at all! It was my first lomo camera and now I am afraid to buy another...I just wish I could fix it! When they work they are amazing!!! If anyone can help me PLEASE do!

  7. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Wow-until I read this tipster I didn't even know that the Supersampler had a viewfinder (mine certainly doesn't!)

  8. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    I never use the viewfinder on my supersampler. It is straight point and shoot style with that baby in my hands. Cool tips though.

    I've had two supersamplers as well. The first probably broke because I was waaay too rough on the lil' plastic body. After several awesome adventures and amazing pictures, the second one developed a massive light leak in one of the interior lenses. I like light leaks, but not massive light leaks. Like all the rest here, I still can't give it up. Of all the multi-lens cams out there this one works well and pictures are far more interesting than the Pop9 (I don't own) or Oktomat (which I own). At first it seems as though all those extra frames would be cool, but it totally depends on what you're shooting.

  9. yawny
    yawny ·

    I had the same problem as helenapie with my first one, and what's more interesting - 1st roll had only 3 or 4 broken images, 2nd - twice more, and on the 3rd one it just stopped working at all. But I successfully changed it without even paying , and another one I got is ok. But i've already lost the viewfinder, hahah)

  10. petrorz
    petrorz ·

    love it. . . i want to buy supersampler but i don't have money. . . :(

  11. parky
    parky ·

    Yeah it was my first lomo camera too! I still have it, it must be coming up for 8yrs or something. First thing I did with it was take the viewfinder off I think. I'm not sure its too happy these days though, always get pictures back where one frame is a complete white out. The other problem mine has is a scratch down the centre of each picture, across all 4 frames. Anyone else had that? I presume there's something stuck in there that rubs the film as it winds through but can't for the life of me see what!

  12. whatapathy
    whatapathy ·

    oh no i just bought a supersampler :O hahaha hope it doesn't break down so fast

  13. amor44
    amor44 ·

    @ whatapathy - Don't worry too much! It's still a very fun camera. You'll be sure to enjoy it! After reading everyone else's comments, I'm a little bit more nervous now, too, lol. I'm sure I'd get another one if my current one stops working, though.

  14. whatapathy
    whatapathy ·

    haha great :) i just received mine in the mail today! must commend lomography for their excellent shipping services. any tips for an amateur supersampler-er?

  15. amor44
    amor44 ·

    @ whatapathy - How exciting! For your first roll, make sure to take pictures holding the camera both vertically and horizontally to get a taste of how your images will look in each orientation. I find they just have a different feeling to them. Also, play around with moving the camera around during the shot. Chances are you'll end up with some pretty cool surprises! I love this camera :)

  16. lu_lu
    lu_lu ·

    thankyou for the tips x

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