Black Lights of Fun


Pre – exposing film to black light.

My lab rat is very simple.

  1. Take a roll of 100 speed film.
  2. Go into a dark room (in my case the bath)
  3. Turn on a black light.
  4. Turn your back to the light
  5. Pull the entire roll out of the cartridge.
  6. Face the inside of the film (the part you expose) out wards
  7. Turn around facing the light (about 1 foot – 2 feet away) with film stretched out in front of you
  8. Count to 3
  9. Turn light off
  10. Roll film back up (I used a knife in the spool)
  11. load in camera and shoot away

I accidentally shot this at 50 asa..So they are a little washed out. I think it would look better a little darker..You get the Idea here. I also use a orange or yellow gel over the lens for fun sometimes.

Everything gets a purple overtone but kinda weird.

Have fun

written by paappraiser on 2011-04-11 #gear #tutorials #film #lab-rat #tipster #black-light-lab-rat


  1. hidings
    hidings ·

    lovely dreamy results!

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Very unique idea!

  3. paappraiser
    paappraiser ·

    I also have done this with a 'blacklight:' flashlight that I bought from ebay for $3.00. It worked just as well.

  4. lucano
    lucano ·

    totally disagree, i think that shooting at 50 only contributed to this marvelous result!

  5. paappraiser
    paappraiser ·

    thank you.. I have should be publishing a new lab rat as soon as I get some test results back from the lab.

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