A Plastic Garden on the Bank of the Thames


Looking for somewhere ‘strange’ to chill out on the South Bank of the Thames? Head to the National Theatre where you can absorb the culture and watch the world go by.

The summer months in London can be wonderful, a glow and a smile will come to the faces of many a Londoner and visitor but sometimes you just need a little place to go to and have some time out. Now on the South Bank of the River Thames we all now how busy and buzzy it can be but in front of The National Theatre, there is often somewhere interesting to go and sit quietly and have a drink, or just be amused at what is going on around you.

The National Theatre in past years has seen fit to supply bizarre outsize furniture covered in Astro turf, they do in fact create an outside “living room” for people to relax in/on. The chairs make even the largest adults look like children and the lampshades and tables give it the feeling of sitting in some strange ‘Alice in Wonderland’ parlour.

It also provides great photo opportunities, colour film is essential to pick up the lurid green, I had my Diana (amongst others) with me, it was great fun and there was a lovely atmosphere there. If you want to read quietly in one of the enormous sofas then find a corner and you can just disappear. If you haven’t already got a book with you then you can pick one up from the stalls in front of the BFI, which are literally just two minutes away!

Who knows what type of decoration they will put out this year but it is such a delight to see it in the summer sunshine.


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  1. neja
    neja ·

    I have been there last week!

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