Norderney - One Beautiful Island

On the northern coast of Germany there are a few small islands which are called the “Ostfriesische Inseln”. One of them is called Norderney and it is just really really beautiful there!

I had just bought my Diana Multi Pinhole Operator before spending a wonderful week at the German coast. When I arrived on Norderney Island I was really pleased by the pretty beach. They have a very clean and inviting golden sand beach which attracts families and lomographers alike. Looking for endless panoramas? You’ll find them up there. Go for long walks on the shore, enjoy wonderful sunrises, be pleased by the silence. And then be sure to have a good cup of coffee at the “Milchbar”, located at the beach with a very pretty view over the sandy beach. Or how about some excellent food at a place called “Weisse Duene” (white dune). Don’t forget to try out one of the soups (yummy!). You can easily get there by bike. Of course this wonderful place is also located at the beach.

And then take a look at the houses “inside” the island. They are so pretty! When the sun goes down you might wanna spend some time at the “surf cafe”, a nice and trendy place with good wine and nice food.

written by kleeblatt on 2011-04-07 #places #island #water #sand #location #strand #beach #wasser #meer #insel #travel-destination #norderney

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