The Diana World Tour opens in Auckland


The third and last stop down under takes us to New Zealand, Auckland!

New Zealander’s from the North & South Island’s made their way to sunny Auckland to celebrate the opening night of the Diana World Tour at The Department Store in Takapuna. We danced to the hits, we drank cocktails and we sang….

Come and join us online and bid on your favourite artists clone camera now. All the money being raised is for two worthy charities that need your support &

Don’t miss the:
Diana World Tour Exhibition Auckland
19 March – 31 March 2011
10 Northcroft St, Takapuna, Auckland
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm
Thu late night until 7 pm
Sun 10am – 4pm

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  1. codysunshine
    codysunshine ·

    Too bad it's not in Wellington, I would've loved to have gone. :(

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