Fuji Provia 400X (Cross Processed)


Do you like shooting in the late afternoon or indoors? Do you like cross processing, without too much saturation? Give Fuji Provia 400X a try.

I recently was given two rolls of Fuji Provia 400X from a friend who was moving and couldn’t take all of his film with him. I’m glad he did, because I was running low on slide film and had always wanted to try some Provia. I thought the 400 speed might be a bit inconvenient, but it works great outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon, if shot properly. It’s also a “daylight” film, according to the packaging, but don’t let that fool you, because it performs very adequately with a flash, which is an important part of any Lomographers arsenal if they want to take pictures indoors.

All in all, other than a tendency to wash out during flash photography or long exposures, the 400X is a great choice for cross processing. Just err on the side of underexposure, and you’re fine! Happy shooting!

written by nation_of_pomation on 2011-03-31 #gear #slide #120 #review #35mm-film #fuji-provia #lomography #cross-processing #user-review


  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    Favourable shots you have!

  2. veato
    veato ·

    My 400X roll was sent to the lab today. I wanted it processed normally (E6) to see how it performed but getting it done Xpro was half the price! Hop they turn out well. I'll see in a week or so :D

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