Oruro Carnival - Bolivia


A party filled with music, color, dance and water…lots of water!

A few weeks ago, a friend and I made a trip to Peru and Bolivia, although the main landmark destination of the trip was Machu Picchu, we wanted to go to Bolivia to visit the ancient city of Tiawanaco. When we arrived in La Paz, we saw that everyone was going to Oruro, the famous carnival that takes place every year to honor the Virgin of the Tunnel, they said it was wonderful and Intangible Heritage of UNESCO, so we make a change of plans, and with a group from the hostel, we got on a bus to visit the place.

When we got there, we could already see the carnival atmosphere, crowded streets, people in traditional costumes and most in ponchos covered with water, which immediately prompted us to not get wet and to protect my camera, because I began to take photographs of this moment.

I carried my LC-A + and the recently-released Spinner (reel not yet revealed), so when I began to see people throwing water and foam (or artificial snow spray), it made it necessary to carry the devices with plastic bags to take pictures smoothly and participate in the real wars fighting foam in the middle of the bleachers! A recommendation, if you look like a tourist, the more they will go against you! The following photo serves as an evidence!

It’s fascinating to see how many dances with beautiful costumes, all full of color and movement, ideal for taking pictures with your Lomo and have a good time with friends.

Do not forget to visit this beautiful country, and visit the carnival if you have opportunity!

written by nina_ska on 2011-04-08 #places #party #dance #festival #carnival #color #location #bolivia

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