Lomography X-Pro 200: Grainy Saturation


I remember when this film first came out I was very much excited to try it out and soon enough placed an order for the first pack. When the results came back from the lab…well just read along to find out.

Loading slide film into my cameras always makes me happy and anxious to see what it’s going to turn out, and Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 was no exception.

When I got the first roll back from the lab I had mixed feelings about the results I had gotten. The colors where a little crazy, all over the place. The saturation and natural contrast had been how I expected, but there was so much grain that I couldn’t understand why that had happened.

There was one photo of the first roll, the first photo actually, that surprised me because it turned out in a weird red color. I’m guessing that since it was the first picture of the roll it might have had some light leak into it when I was loading the film or something… judge for yourselves…

I personally have never been such a great fan of grain. But after looking at my first pictures with the Lomography X-Pro 200 I started liking them more and more each time. The grain gave them a strange but powerful attitude that blended perfectly with the saturation and vignettes from the LC-A+. I was convinced that I now loved this film. So I loaded my camera with another roll of Lomography X-Pro 200 and started snapping.

When I got these second results I was really happy because I already knew what to expect, and I loved the saturation and unpredictable colors it gave me. As you can see some shots were more greenish and other were more red. I guess it mostly depends on the light that’s hitting the subject.

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  1. xutuluh
    xutuluh ·

    nice colors - and i like the grain too.

  2. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    Yout article take my curiousity fly high, asap I must have it :D

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