Lomo LC-A review


I think all of us here know the famous Lomo LC-A? Am I right? Well you sure should! Its pretty much one of the cameras that started all of Lomography! That old Russian beauty!

So whats really that amazing about that small black plastic camera?
Well, point for point :

  • Its small, not extremely, but small enough that you can take it pretty much anywhere you want to! Even just to squish it in your coat pocket!
  • Its an every occasion camera! No matter where you are going, you can always take with your lc-a!
  • It guarantees that every shot you take will turn out! I remember when i first started lomography i read somewhere that you should only expect two or three photos on your roll to be good! That really worried me! So when i got back my first developed pictures i was super nervous to see what they turned out like! And turns out i was surprised in a most positive way! I don’t think i remember having more than one bad picture on the whole film!
  • The lc-a has an auto setting (automatic), so if your a starter or just don’t know about all the settings yet, then voila! It does it all by itself! Apart from the distance setting of course! Never forget the distance! (Which I most frequently do!)
  • Its unique! Of course thats not true exactly! I mean there are lots of lc-´s out there, but you have to remember each is a little different and has its own charm! I like to think that my lc-a gives a special light leak effect that isn’t as common with the lc-a as with say a Holga or Diana! I think that might be beacuse its a little older and the back door doesn’t close completely! So you just need to spend enough time and effort with your lc-a, to find out that magical twist it has!
  • It produces those wonderful saturated and vibrant colors that marks Lomography!
  • Its capable of taking multiple exposures! But if you are a multiple exposure fan, do make sure you get the lc-a+ and not the original lc-a because the newer one has a multiple exposure button, which the russian one doesn’t and is therefore just the slightest bit harder to use!
  • Accessories! Yes, the lc-a has many accessories you can attach and use! From different lenses to color gels, flash attachment, tripods anything you want!
  • Its THE LC-A for Gods sake! There are barely words to describe it! The only way you can is by photos! So if you don’t have it yet, it might be pricey, but trust me, its worth it! Go to the lomography shop or anywhere where you might be able to find it, and please: BUY IT!
    The lc-a is just about the most handy and lovely camera i have ever had, i can always take it with me wherever i go! Don’t forget to experiment with it, it might seem plain at first but there is so much behind it that you still have to discover! Use every type of film, use every ISO, use a spiltzer, use anything and everything. No matter what, it will most always give you back something you like!

written by nadinadu on 2011-04-15 #gear #review #lc-a #lomo #user-review


  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    The Automatic setting lever on the LC-A (removed on the LC-A+) is only used to determine how much light to let in when using the flash in low light conditions.

    When set to anything but A, it sets the shutter speed to 1/60 sec then you choose an aperture value depending on how far whatever you're shooting is infront of you.

    Unless you really know what you're doing just leave it to "A"

    If you want to know more about how to use the "Mysterious A switch", read this on Flickr.

    Glad you're enjoying your original LC-A

  2. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    hahaa :) thank you! I didn't know about that!
    but it sounds pretty tricky to do it by yourself...:S
    oh well, time will teach me :)

  3. richidearthworm
    richidearthworm ·

    and cats can use it with the new cat adapters ...... fact ?? grate review :)

  4. miniatuurmensje
    miniatuurmensje ·

    I'm about to buy a Lomo LC-A and I'm super excited!!

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