Fuji Provia 400X: Faster Fun When You’re Missing the Sun


After trying cross processed slide film for the first time at the tail end of last summer, I knew I needed something good to take me through the winter. There aren’t many options for faster slide films around, but in Fuji Provia 400X I found an absolute gem.

Credits: simonh82

The first two rolls of slide film I ever shot and cross processed were Velvia 100; wow, amazing, I’m hooked! But then autumn came, the days drew in and clear blue skies and bright sunlight became rare occurrences. After a few searches online for 400 ISO slide film, I realised that Fuji Provia 400x was one of the few choices out there. I found some at what felt like a reasonable price and started shooting.

I got through three rolls over the course of a couple of weeks and sent them off to be developed. The results were quite unexpected to say the least. As it was faster film, I’d not been expecting the same kind of saturation or strange color shifts, but I was wrong about that. The only thing that didn’t really make any sense was the lack of consistency. Over all three rolls I got great saturation and loads of contrast but the colors were different on each of them.

One came out without much colour shift; sometime some Fuji green, or slight blue tinge, but often real some warmth to some of the colors.

Credits: simonh82

The next one came out with a full on yellow color cast, almost sepia in tone at times.

Credits: simonh82

The final one had a blueish almost purple tinge to it.

Credits: simonh82

This film certainly typifies the unpredictability that we all love about Lomography and you won’t hear me complaining.

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  1. hhjm
    hhjm ·

    Oh ...... I fall in love Provia 400x !!! beautiful galleries :)

  2. metalhead_nl
    metalhead_nl ·

    Cant wait to shoot 120 film! Nice tip!
    About the consistency: does anyone know how the time of day influences colour shifts? (blue vs red light rather than the position of the sun) Or the time you wait to process your film after shooting?
    Scanning my crossed negatives I encountered many frames that could be scanned with colour shifts or would have normal but saturated colours when using white balance.. So it can always be due to the scanners automatic balancing..

  3. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Since writing this article i've finally got to grips with scanning xpro negatives. I've rescanned the film that came out really yellow and this is the result www.lomography.com/homes/simonh82/albums/1692580-provia-400… Very different from the original lab scans and prints. I think they took the first shot on the film which was a long exposure under tungsten lights and used it as a reference for the whole film. I'm happier with most of my scans, but i still love the yellow shot of the demolition of the building.

    Perhaps not so unpredictable after all!

  4. bartian
    bartian ·

    thanks for the review, I think I should try this one

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