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Whether you are shooting bullets in a battle or shooting frames on a lomo trip, you have to have something to carry your many rolls or rounds. They are handy, and are good in a pinch when you don’t have time to hung for your film rolls in your camera bag.

Last Christmas, my parents bought me a camera bag for all my cameras. The bad thing about it was, it was more applicable for digital cameras, only having room for micro sd cards, and no room for film rolls. While I could make room for it all, it still didn’t allow for quick and easy access without having to take my pack off.

So I looked in my closet for my bandoliers that I had acquired originally for this very concept, but never got around to it.

Bandoliers are pretty easy to come by and very affordable. I acquired a shotgun shell bandolier for 3 bucks, and a rifle round bandolier for around $1.50, both on Amazon. It’s a small price to pay for a great way to transport your film.

Now, I usually shoot 35mm film, so I figured a shotgun shell bandolier would be most ideal for holding the canisters, but the slots were too snug for the canisters, and I had to pop the stitches in between slots to form one big slot. This came out for a total of 12 slots for my film and one small slot for something else. I usually carry a marker or pencil and put it in that spot. With the stitches popped, the slots are pretty accurate, but I’d prefer it to be a bit more snug so I don’t accidentally lose any film.

This is where the rifle bandolier comes in. I popped the stitches in between slots just as I did before, this time leaving room for 10 slots total, but its was snug enough that I wont be afraid of losing film.

BE CAREFUL! When cutting the stitches, make sure you count them out right so that you don’t cut three slots to make one giant one, because then it won’t hold anything. Well, it might hold a red bull can, but I wouldn’t risk it.

The shotgun shell bandolier as it originally comes is pretty good for 120 film still in its wrapper. So keep that in mind if you shoot medium format.

So far this is all I have, but I am working on finding a way to customize the belt to become part of my strap on my camera bag, which will take some cutting and sewing, so when/if I manage that, I’ll let you all know how.

Thanks for reading!

written by jwhoa19 on 2011-06-27 #gear #tutorials #film #tipster #lomography #film-bandolier


  1. mr-korn
    mr-korn ·

    Thanks, now I can go out shooting "Rambo" Style.

  2. ashton1961
    ashton1961 ·

    Great idea...good thinking

  3. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    ahahahah this is a funny tipster !

  4. nleppa
    nleppa ·

    Hilarious! Now not only will people stare at me because of my weird camera (Lubitel) but now they'll fear my film.... HAHAH

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