Fuji Provia 100F: My Favorite E6 Slide Film!


Like many Lomographers, I started my Lomographic journey because I was amazed by the strong saturated colors of cross-processed slide films. When I felt ready to venture into slide films, I tried one of the most commonly found iso100 slide film, Fuji Provia100F. My verdict? Read on to find out more!

I shot the first roll of Provia 100F on my LC-A+ (RL). Seriously, I wasn’t too thrilled by the greenish color shift of the cross processed Provia 100F. Also, the colors didn’t seem to be very saturated but looks more like faded to me.

Undaunted, I tried another roll of Provia 100F on my Fisheye2. This time round, I decided to E6 (normal process) the roll. I read that Provia is supposed to provide vivid and faithful color reproduction so I want to check it out myself. The colors turned out nice and true to my expectations albeit a bit underexposed when used in a sunny camera like Fisheye 2. It is best to activate the flash when used in Fisheye 2.

Confident that Provia can provide nice colors when E6 processed, I loaded one roll in my Nikon Fm2n to shoot some landscape and portraits. For landscape shots, the colors are rich and vibrant, with medium color saturation and contrast. The colors look more natural and not as exaggerated as Velvia.

For portraits, the skin tones are nicely reproduced and eliminates the need for further adjustments when scanning. The super-fine grain enables me to enlarge the image for large size printouts if required.

I am glad that I tried E6 processing Fuji Provia when the xpro results aren’t to my liking. This is now one of my favorite E6 slide film!

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  1. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Ah what!?!? I live for the green cast of cross processed Provia!!!

  2. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    @fivedayforecast: Haha!

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    This is my 15 years expired Fuji Provia (expired in October 1997 :) www.lomography.com/homes/hervinsyah/photos/14436440

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