The addictive Sprocket Rocket!


In the world of Sprocket Rocket,the sprockets are definitely one of the most important elements. Furthermore, the super wide-angle lens is a good tool to gather all your good friends in one shot! The 0.6m minimum focus distance is a good excuse to bring you and your friends closer together. With all these advantages, I am already crazily in love with this camera!

I feel that Sprocket Rocket is a hybrid camera as it has combined all the good elements of Lomography cameras. It has the panoramic view of Horizon Perfekt (and it is much lighter too), the sprockets of Spinner 360°, a smaller aperture like the Colorsplash Camera (This is not a flaw! It just means that the shot will be awesome if the light condition is very good), the simple multiple exposure function of Diana F+ (you just need to press the shutter twice). But the best element that I like about the Sprocket Rocket is the shorter minimum focus distance of 0.6m! After getting used to the 0.8m focus distance of LOMO LC-A+, the reduced distance of 20cm also means that the distance between people is brought closer by another 20cm!

The range of the super wide-angle is just nice. The Spinner 360° captures too much in 1 shot for me (althought it is also great that more people can squeeze in the shot). However, when i am with my friends and the group is not too big or not too small, the Sprocket Rocket is the perfect camera to squeeze everyone nicely into a shot.

Last of all, the combo of “Sprocket Rocket”: and Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm is just perfect! You will get vibrant colors in your shots even if there is no cross processing. The pictures below are from negatives and the results are very satisfying!

These pictures are from the previous 2 rolls that I have taken and I have completely fallen in love with this interesting camera! This is another camera that I have to bring along whenever I go out in future!

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  1. nicx
    nicx ·

    I love this camera!

  2. keeya
    keeya ·

    this is def my fav camera so far.

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