Lucky Super 200


It is as cheap and as reliable as they come. With this color film’s crisp hues, fine grain, and down-to-earth price, we are surely lucky to have our Luckies! Hail to Lucky Super 200!

Even back in the day when I foolishly thought that the only way to go Lomo is via xpro, I have been hearing a buzz about this color film extraordinaire. So, as soon as I saw a stack of Lucky Super 200 in a local photography shop, I bought a couple and tried it myself. It was no disappointment for sure. At a price little more than a dollar, or Php 55.00, it sure is a bargain, as much as your photos are priceless,

Some of the highlight characteristics of this film would be its fine grain. With an ISO of 200, even challenging lighting conditions results to photos with minimal noise. Another aspect to love about this film is its ability to capture vibrant colors. Red is truly red and greens cannot be any greener.

So when financial luck is down, treat yourself to some Lucky Super 200!

written by renenob on 2011-03-30 #gear #film #lucky #review #analogue #color #fine-grain #lomography #rene-nob


  1. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Very good review and images!!! Well done! I especially like this sentence: "Even back in the day when I foolishly thought that the only way to go Lomo is via xpro..." I don't understand why so many think that still...

  2. renenob
    renenob ·

    maybe its because a lot of lomos are cross-processed.

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    Lucky! Lucky!! :D

  4. bramasuncion
    bramasuncion ·

    yay! nice review. tried this film too :) and got dreamy like photos

  5. ropi
    ropi ·

    I just developed a Lucky 200, and the pictures are bit blueish, is it normal??

  6. renenob
    renenob ·

    Not that I know of @ropi. Can I see your results?

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