Wasabi: A Little Bit of Japan in London


If you want crisp, clean, and funky then Wasabi is the place for you. This food outlet, in my opinion, has it just right for a touch of Japan in London.

Wasabi is wonderful, with it’s sparkling interiors and modern look, the lighting, crisp lines, and green chairs all add to the freshness of it’s look and for me just increases the pleasure in eating the simple sushi and bento that they serve. It can be treated as a restaurant or a take-away. There isn’t service as you would get in a real restaurant as you choose what you want from the chilled shelves or conveyor belt. However, the choices include a great serving of meat, fish, and vegetarian selections.

These shots are from the Hammersmith Wasabi which opened last year and it is a great place to stop for food especially just before you go to a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo. It’s in a very convenient location as it is in the Broadway Shopping Centre which leads into the Tube Station and also the Bus Station.

Worth trying in there is the ‘ice cream’, it is so wholesome it could scare you off, but I dare you to have the ‘green tea’ ice cream, it will change your palate for all time. If you want something a little lighter, go for the lemon! Drink wise, the cold teas in a bottle look like they are healthy but is really just the standard sugar-laden refreshment, they are lovely though!

The ramen and udon noodles are perfect if you need a hot meal. All the Japanese faves are there, sushi boxes; wasabi salads; sashimi and miso and edamame. Everything is so fresh and tables are cleaned all the time, it just has a really nice feel to the place. Oh, there are also usually special offers for lunch and sushi for £1.00 between 12-3 during the week. The Hammersmith branch doesn’t have the conveyor belt but some of the other central London branches do.

Wasabi, Hammersmith, London W6 9YY

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    I am not a big fun of wasabi, but I am sure this article is going to end up in LCG!

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Ha, fingers and chopsticks are crossed!

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