Film Roll Developed 15 Years After!


This is a story of a film roll found inside a camera that has been stored for years. The film was developed just in 2010.

I have never forgotten that camera. It was my childhood´s camera. I remember my father taking pictures with it, and we probably have the same age, the camera and me. When I got a little bit more interested in photography, I started to look for it and found: it was dusty and, of corse, not working.

But the camera is a Canon A-1, one of the most complete SLRs of its time. It ended up being fixed and now it is 100% functional, but this is a story for another day. What I really want to tell here is that, to my surprise, when I opened the camera there was a half used film inside! I closed it back and rewound it carefully to don´t burn any exposure. Nobody knew what types of pictures could exist in there, but for some reason the film was kept for nearly more one year in a closet.

Another day, when I had my ActionSampler’s film procesed, I send the forgotten film together. If anything comes, fine, I’d lose the processing money, but at least it would kill my curiosity. It was a nice surprise when I got the film in the lab and there was 12 pictures developed! They were photographs that a friend of my father, to which the camera had been loaned out, had taken during a trip to Buenos Aires.

The pictures acquired a pastel shade, kind of faded, and in some of them there are light leaks (not sure if the problem was the camera or the fact that have beeing saved for years).

The film is a Kodacolor ISO 100, and the photos might beeing taken in mid 1995 and now revealed in Masy 2010.

written by gborin on 2011-03-22 #lifestyle #expired #buenos-aires #old #canon #kodak #kodacolor #stored
translated by monamarques


  1. electricsick
    electricsick ·

    Very nice text :)

  2. gborin
    gborin ·

    wow, someone translated my article!!! but the title should be "Film developed 15 years after the pictures were shot" or something like that

  3. aziluz
    aziluz ·

    the pictures are awesome !

  4. lislisdotnet
    lislisdotnet ·

    This is great! I've actually had something similar happen, though the film comes from a Leica IIIF handed down to me and probably has been at least 2 decades since used. Don't think I'll be quite so lucky to have anything develop, but we shall see!

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