Ruth Gruber's Ahead of Time


If you haven’t heard of the story of Ruth Gruber, better brew a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for one of the most heartwarming photographic tales out there.

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Ruth Gruber is a writer, lecturer, photojournalist, and is the youngest PhD in the world (20 years old). Now 100 years old, she is being acknowledged and immortalized in a documentary about her life, Ahead of TIme. She rose to fame when she accepted a dangerous photojournalism assignment to escort Holocaust survivors. Being Jewish herself, no one expected her to take the assignment but she still did.

Here is her iconic photograph of the Jewish refugees in World War II. This was when the ship Exodus was trying to come into port in Palestine but they were being blocked by the British. Soldiers tried to confiscate the rolls of film she shot but she refused to give in.

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Here’s the trailer for the film Ahead of Time. Check it out to find out more about the life of a living legend!

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