Camden Market, My Favourite Market (LCG Hit List)


There can be no better way to spend your weekend than wandering around this now world-famous market. It really does have something for everyone, old and young alike. It doesn’t matter what ‘tribe’ you belong to, it is cool for all. Great atmosphere, food, and of course the clothes and knick knacks!

Camden Market can be found in Camden Town, north west London. If you come on the tube you will no doubt be overwhelmed by the crowds and the hustle and bustle, don’t be put off, you will make it out of the station and then your journey really begins.

Turn right onto Camden High Street if coming from the station, the road disappears off into the distance but both sides you will find ample market shops and people wearing a multitude of styles, this place is more alive than you can imagine.

The main markets are further up, if you are single minded you can get there in less than ten minutes but who can do that with so many distractions on the way. The first market you will come to is on the right, the Buck St Stalls are full of T-shirts and boots and coats, a lot of these now are very similar and have in some way lost their individual makers for those that seem more wholesale, there is a lot of repetition so hang on to your money until later in the day when, if you haven’t found the same thing cheaper further up at the other stalls then you can come back and haggle, believe me it works and you’ll often get something £5-£10 cheaper as they want a last sale!

Leaving here you’ll pass more shops with lots of ‘ephemera’ boots, fetish wear, hats, glasses, and the like, the next stop is the market just beside the canal on the right. Again, this place has opened up again in recent years after a major fire gutted the place. Many years ago I used to sell earrings on a friend’s stall here and it was seriously cruddy but had an amazing charm, now it has a well constructed air to it. The eateries immediately in front of you have a vast selection of food and you can grab one of the mopeds to the right to sit on and chill while looking out over the canal. Very nice!

Lots of stalls which appear more like ‘pop-up’ shops are here and if you have dodgy feet you can always get the fish to nibble them clean!

Crossing over the bridge you now head deep into the heart of what Camden Market used to be, here it looks like a scene from Blade Runner with all the food outlets begging for your money and the illuminations and the little alleyways, it’s like being in a different world and you will see things you would find out of place anywhere else in London. The Stables Market is so much bigger than it used to be with its incredible bronze horse sculptures everywhere and of course who would miss the entrance to CYBERDOG! All the names are intriguing in themselves with Gilgamesh and the Catacombs, these are the old brick arches which are now filled with bright shops, luring you in to spend your money. If you are up at this end then Chalk Farm is the station you want. Northern Line (the black one)

You can get everything from vintage clothing, collectibles, antiques to club wear; footwear, punk, goth, lolly, casual, to food books and just the chance to chill out in these surroundings and have some great food. It’s not just open at the weekends anymore, a lot of the shops are open all week now, it’s just the buzz and the crush happens at the weekend!

Also it is in Zone 2 and unless you are mad, do not drive, public transport is the only way – tube, bus, cycle walk and even the canal has a water bus from Little Venice! Have fun!

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  1. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Planning on going to London in June to visit a friend, gotta keep this article close to me then! ;)

  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    Love Camden! I was there some years ago! I had a great time...also I had eaten so much food (I shouldn´t have! I still remember jejejeje)
    Hope I´ll be back some day!

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Pomps, hope so to! thanks for your comments @ sweetyyydreams take lots of film... and of course money!

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