The Scoop and the GLA Building


The Scoop is London’s own version of an outdoor amphitheatre, a wonderful place to see a variety of often free events brought to you by More London.

The Scoop can be found on the busy South Bank of London’s Thames. It is actually nearer the Tower Bridge, end of the river walk than the usual Charing Cross end of town. It is nestled beside the GLA Building, which is worth a look in itself due to its wonderful ‘wobbly’ design. Anyway the Scoop can actually seat about 800 people, even if it doesn’t look like it. It’s good to snug up next to each other even just to keep warm.

Throughout the year, events are put on at the Scoop and the majority have been free, yes I did say FREE! You can get notifications sent by email to keep you informed of what is coming up. Everything from film screenings, performance artists, theatre including Shakespeare to musicals such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to events based around cultural festivals that occur on a regular basis here in London.

During the summer months, the schedule increases and the place doesn’t look quite so grey. Architecturally I like it, the curves and the sheen on the ground if it has just rained, lend itself to interesting photos. The other side of the Scoop and the GLA is Potters Field where you can sit back on some grass and picnic, or look at whatever installation is there at that time.

When the scoop is empty it is also a great place to go if you are looking for somewhere sheltered to sit in the sun (when we have it) and have lunch and read a paper, or look over toward Tower Bridge or up at the GLA Building which looks as though it may slide apart and land on you!

Access is easy for able bodied and disabled alike. The nearest stations are London Bridge Station; Tower Hill across the Thames and Monument also across the water and a bit of a walk away but in the summer the walks are lovely! Lots of buses are available, and can be found in Tooley Street which runs parallel to the River.

The Scoop
2A More London Riverside
0871971 6110

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Great article!!
    I like your photos!!

  2. daddybodum
    daddybodum ·

    You get a great sense of the atmosphere of the place from the photos. Really like them, the article isn't bad either.

  3. neja
    neja ·

    haha I also though to write about Scoop, but I ended up with More London…

  4. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    I suppose they are pretty much the same just different aspects, I do like the Scoop though.

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