London Zoo (Requested LCG, HIT LIST)


London Zoo stands proudly at the North End of Regents Park and straddles the Regents Canal. This is not just a zoo for the amusement of people but it has a history and it is such an important place of learning and research that it is valued all over the world.

London Zoo was voted Best Tourism Experience last year and once you get through those gates you can really see why. There are over 750 species held at the zoo and there is something for everyone and all ages.
While queuing to go in it feels like you are entering hallowed ground because it has been on this site for so long. The Institute of Zoology is here and is world-renowned, its scientists and research programmes are at the forefront of conservation biology, sustainability and behavioural research.

The science is of course mostly behind the scenes but these days and especially if you have children a great effort is made to integrate that into every visit so that you can get a rounded picture of what that animal is having to deal with in the wild, or even if there are any in the wild!

My love here is also something which is no longer used. The penguin pool designed by Berthold Lubetkin is an elegant piece of architecture that used to house the penguins, often far too many and so they have now been moved to a more open site nearer the cafés and shop.

One major change to the zoo is the open walk-through area for the monkeys, now if you are a bit skittish about the possibility of having a monkey on your hair then don’t go in, but all the times we have, we haven’t actually seen one monkey! Give them freedom and like most teens, they’ll stay in bed!

There is an incredible amount to do there so one day is never enough! There are often displays and special events and feeding times are essential as you can get nice and up close with your cams.

The zoo is served by three tube stations; Baker Street; Camden Town; and if you want a nice walk through the park first then opt for Regents Park.

Basic entry costs are quite a bit and the price varies depending on the season! Winter prices add a couple of pounds to these for the summer. Adult £16.20, Child £13.20, and under 3 FREE. There are saver tickets and passes and I’m sure if you are a visitor, you can get deals you just need to Google it and such, there are so many options.,118,AR.html

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Oh! that's really annoying half the pics are missing and I have doubles of some, shame!

  2. ungrumpy
    ungrumpy ·

    i'll check your picture gallery

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    @ungrumpy LOL, love your name! thanks I think they are ok, they are certainly better than they were. ; ))

  4. daddybodum
    daddybodum ·

    I still love Lubetkin's penguin House!

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