Lucky Super: Feeling Lucky & Super


This cheap film has been a mainstay to many of us since we started using film. Aside from being cheap, this marvelous film can bring out hopeful colors, vignettes, and wonderful tones to every snapshot — especially if used with the Lomo LC-A+!

Lucky Super film is primarily produced in the country of China. This cheap film harbors a 200 ISO setting for everyday photo purposes. This film has served its purpose on creating some of the very best and amazing captures in my film life.

I used this film in all of my cameras from SLR to Diana F+ and down to Lomo LC-A+! Photos may come out very great and they are absolute in capturing long exposure night shots.

This film in Philippines is sold for about Php 62 to Php 65 (maybe around $1.20). Since it’s cheap, it’s everybody’s favorite! Everybody knows how the Lucky Super yields its true color: that bluish tone and wonderful skies, heart-warming portraits and marvelous night scene photography. You can shoot this film with a nice 36 exposure rack (and sometimes, can reach up to 38 or 40).

From my personal experience, flipping the film to another side (redscale) can produce guaranteed results of awesome colors and punching tones and hues of yellow and orange.

To me, Lucky Super film is one of the best films being produced in this planet. It has served a lot of purposes especially when it comes to photography. The colors are true, solid, and promising.

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Yes, Lucky 200 color is a true great film...<:)

  2. photochrom
    photochrom ·

    linna, please stop SPAMming!

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