Bathing in hot water


First steps to modify the film before its exposure. I’ve read the article about the salty water and also the one about the dishwasher bath for the filmrolls. Well, I am not so known yet in LabRat so I thought of starting from the very beginning.

My first filmroll i just drop it into a hot and boiling bath – ordinary water! I let is drown for about 5 minutes and dried the pulled out film over a heater in a darkroom. All in all nothing special, but the results are quite nice, all pictures got a light purple fog.

In the second round I wanted to go slowly forward so I’ve tried boiling sodawater. Had the film dried again over the heater and on the next day I ran out to shoot some pictures. The first once are quite similar to the hot water once, only a slight of color is seen on the bottom but as forward as I shoot, the pictures get more and more a purple fog, color-bubbles and blue stripes till there are no motives at all visible.

I think, I am fixed on experiments now and I will go further. we’ll see which ingredient I will try next!

written by t82 on 2011-04-11 #gear #tutorials #film #tipster #labrat


  1. laurafish
    laurafish ·

    was this a pre-bath or did you develop the film first? (im new to experimenting with film development, my experiments were always in the printing process.)

  2. t82
    t82 ·

    i "cooked" it before i had loaded the film into the camera ;D

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