Feeding The Pigeons

Weekends in Regent’s Park.

Alright, I know…I’ve written about Regent’s Park before and how much I love it. But when you like something that much you have to share it with the world. While I often go to Regent’s Park to escape – I also go there to people watch! The path by the boating lake is the best for this – every time I go there, there are people feeding the birds. A lot of people focus on the prettier birds like the swans, but like everywhere in London – there are always pigeons! The last time I went there, there was a man who ignored the swans, ducks, and geese and fed the pigeons. He was quite a sight having been surrounded by a flock of pigeons with some even perched on top of his head while he fed the others out of his hand. He offered extra birdseeds to anyone else who seemed interested – although I must admit that I wasn’t too keen to have pigeons sitting on top of my head and contented myself with taking pictures instead!

written by kitde on 2011-04-01 #places #landmark #location #lcg-hitlist-london-regent-spark

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