Smena 8M - The Lomography Goodie!


Advance film. Cock the shutter. Click! The sound of the ever famous Smena 8M which comes all the way from the 1970’s! A low-tech toy camera is a fully manual camera and is a STARTER KIT for amateur photographers out there! With it’s 40mm f/4 T-43 triplet lens, it gives your images a full blow of crisp and saturated colors!

I’ve had my Smena 8M a couple of months back. It was a rowdy, hefty kind of camera! Imagine the shutter neither too hard to press or too easy; it will lead you to certain camera shakes, making your picture blurry. A true test of patience indeed!

So I think putting some mini tips on using this Lomo cam:
1. Don’t put your fingers on the cock shutter; it will either snap your finger, giving out blurry images.
2. Shoot from the hip – as to process yourself on one of the rules of Lomography, the viewfinder of Smena is 1:1. When you view, you’ll find out it’s just the same as not viewing there at all!

For most Lomo hunters out there, the Smena 8M is your weapon of choice in every details and aspect of your life. Imagine a toy camera with complete manual, who the hell would turn away from this cute little baby?

written by ethermoon on 2008-11-07 #gear #review #smena-8m

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