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We’re not trying to confuse you with the title. For today’s Lomography News, we’re going to look into HERE, the film by Braden King, and their use of both digital and analogue mediums.

The recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades, the film HERE is the culmination of director Braden King’s years of hard work. The story is basically about a romantic relationship between an American satellite-mapping engineer and an expatriate Armenian photographer who impulsively decide to travel together into uncharted territory – both literally and metaphorically.

That’s well and good but what’s in it for us Lomographers? Well, the film straddles the fine line between digital and analogue mediums. In fact, it marries the two seamlessly and weaves it flawlessly into the story so that the lines between become blurred and practically non-existent. The enchanting photographs of Armenia coupled with the stunning cinematography certainly give credence to this multi-platform motion picture.

Here’s a short clip of the film:

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