Lomo LC-A+ - Staff Review

Combining the best features of the original Russian Lomo LC-A and new features to accommodate accessories and multiple-exposure options, the LC-A+ offers unlimited creative possibilities.

To call the original LC-A an “excellent” camera is an understatement – hardcore fans would even run out of superlatives trying to describe it! It’s compact-sized – perfect to take anywhere you go. It’s easy to use, convenient, and produces mind-blowing images. Whether you use slides or negative, the images express deep, punchy colors and vignetting that is the trademark LC-A look.

It was tough when our friends from St. Petersburg decided to pull the plug on the LC-A, making it a sought-after Deadstock all over the world. The Lomography team in Vienna wasn’t about to give up on the LC-A madness, so they came up with a perfect reproduction of the LC-A, throwing in new features as suggested by the enthusiastic members of the Lomography community. From its’ slip-in-your-pocket size down to the Minitar lens (the LC-A’s secret weapon) – our friends from China has made the LC-A+ an enhanced identical twin of the Russian classic.

So yes, what about the PLUS part. The LC-A+ is pimped up with a Multiple Exposure (MX) button. Take a picture, switch the MX button on, and take another picture on the same frame – that easy. It also has a cable release thread (to use with the cable release, of course – it’s included in the package) to make long-exposures sharp and steady. The expanded manual ISO setting allows you to use a wide range of films – from slow (100) to super-fast (1600).

The Chinese Minitar lens also yields the same vignetted, color-bursting goodness that the Russian Minitar lens is known for. Pick up some slides, have them cross-processed – and you’ll have super-saturated images, framed with a vignette. Try it with a negative film, and the colors will come out extra-punchy. The LC-A+ also accommodates accessories such as the Splitzer which has become a personal favorite. It’s fun to control the blades to get random slices of images in a print – most of the time the results are wickedly funny.

Now I understand why anyone with a Russian LC-A would still want to get an LC-A+ – despite their identical looks, the LC-A+ makes it very convenient to be experimental with your Lomographs, thanks to the special features thrown in.

Check out the LC-A+ microsite here

written by shhquiet on 2008-11-04 #gear #35mm #review #staff #lomography #lc-a

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