My Favourite Way of Shooting Double Exposures


When I chose to grab the Holga 135 from amidst all my cameras, the way I take pictures changes the possibility of shooting double exposures.

However, this one is my favourite. The steps that you have to follow are the ones below:

1. Take a picture wherever you want but in a place where the sky is the half part of your frame (the upper part).
2. Turn your camera.
3. Take the exact same photo that you did before with your camera turn it upside-down and with the sky at the other half of your frame (now in the part below).

Your photographs will be doubles, will be somewhat special and more sharp because the sky will play the leading part at your composition.

I encourage you to give it a try!

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-06-23 #gear #tutorials #tipster #double-exposures #quickie
translated by bigbadwolf


  1. mollyf
    mollyf ·

    I'm not so keen on double exposures but this sounds like a good idea! Thank you.

  2. rachaelbethan
    rachaelbethan ·

    A must try!! I can't wait to give it a shot!

  3. lisabegusch
    lisabegusch ·

    I will definately try this! Great tipster - and some beautiful photos!

  4. pchavdarov
    pchavdarov ·

    Hi, these are some really nice photos but can you please tell me how does the magic happen. I mean do you shoot all of your film and then shoot it again or you use some other technique?

  5. chipotle
    chipotle ·

    Lovely way for a beginer like me... Thanks for share. =)

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