A Reminder For Me and You


Sorry if this tipster is a common and basic one. It’s just a simple reminder for each and everyone of us who cannot avoid ourselves from doing mistakes. But if you had done several mistakes , just enjoy it. Sometimes it turn out to be something mind blowing. Don’t be sad , that’s the best thing of enjoying your lomo adventure.

1) Look at you film’s canister
See the iso number. Is it 100?? 200?? 400?? Or more than that? Then adjust your camera’s iso setting according to your film’s iso. This is essential so that you don’t get overexposed pictures (due to lower numbering) or underexposed pictures (due to higher numbering). You can also do push or pull process if underexposed/overexposed to get better pictures.

*first two are underxposed pics

2) Pick the perfect film
What kind of effect that you like? What time did you want to snap those pics?? They are all important. Each film have their very own characteristic whether cross process or normal process. Lucky 200 as an example can cause a red object to stand out among other colour. For those who have cameras that didn’t have iso setting , make sure you choose the right ISO. 100 is for bright sunlight and for night perhaps you can choose ISO 800/1600. Below are example of few films…

lucky 200
ilford xp2 400
lomo redscale xr

3) Be alert
There are lots of unexpected and yet wonderful shots that can happen anytime around you. Stay alert with your camera. If possible the camera is in your hands already. It’s just up to you to realize the fantastic shot and then the time you take to press the shutter button.

4) Be quick
Your just one step away from snapping a great photo. It’s between you and the shutter button. Don’t ask yourself " will this stuff produce great shot?" , just find the best angle you can and then just click the shutter button. You’ll be amaze by the result. Some may be boring due to unusual angle (especially when you’re taking shots from your hips , chest or ground) but that’s part and parcel of using lomo cameras.

5) Wear on “shameless mask”
Sometimes to get awesome shots you got to be shameless. Yes , step up front and just snap. No need to be worried. If your subject (person) look angry , just smile to him/her, hoping it will melt them XD I know shots from ground and hips look bit unusual but if others throw the puzzled look at you , just smile at them. It’s the best to get spontaneous shot. the thrill and pleasure after you get the result is a feeling like no other.

6) Ask Permission
There are moments where you need to ask permission from the subject (person). Just say simple words like “Hi , can i take your picture? I think it’ll be a great shot” and let the person continue their work and you can get their shot. But if the person say no , just walk away.

That’s all simple tips that I can share with you guys. Lets learn from each others and be a better lomographers.

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  1. yein
    yein ·

    tq for the tips buddy....grrr!

  2. yein
    yein ·

    tq for the tips buddy....grrr!

  3. yein
    yein ·

    tq for the tips buddy....grrr!

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