Que Viet - A Vietnamese Feast

The best place among many for a taste of authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Kingsland Road in Shoreditch is full of Vietnamese restaurants. I have been to them all, well, almost all.
But this one is seriously the best. My friend showed it to me and she knows her food for sure (she runs a posh French restaurant in Chelsea). I’ve never been before because the interior seemed to be too posh – slick dark interiors against usual canteen style eateries.

My favorite things to have here are soft shell crab with lemongrass and chillies (huge! and honestly, the best in town) and mango salad (with a delicious sauce). I tried a lot of stuff here, but I would be just happy with two portions of the soft shell crab and a pak choi, and that’s it.:)

The menu for the main course has it all: duck and chicken dishes, fresh fish (better to share, as they are big. A whole sea bass is the best), etc. If you are afraid to overeat, try the one course menu. All dishes from this section come with a side dish (noodles or all types), so no need to buy extra rice.

Tip number 1: They offer 30% discount on all food items before 3pm on weekdays.
Tip number 2: They recently lost their alcohol license, so you can bring your own booze. Corkage fee is £1 for the beer, and £5 for the wine bottle.

They’ll give you a warm towel to clean your hands with when you arrive, and sweeten you up with an orange when you pay. When you’re done eating, check out the Geffrye Museum – a museum of the home; it’s a lovely, understated place.


Que Viet
104 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DP
Closest station: Hoxton Overground

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