The Rock Garden of Chandigarh

The most beautiful rock garden that I have ever seen. In October 2010, we visited the city of Chandigarh at the North of India. Well, actually we were invited to dance representing Spain at a peace festival in memory of Mahatma Gandhi.

The truth is that the whole of this trip has material that would fill many pages in a row. However, I will focus on the fact I liked the most in the city of Chandigarh: The Rock Garden.

Underneath a stifling sun, we bought our entry to the enormous garden for only 10 Rupias (approximately 0,15 €).

It was constructed by Nek Chand around 1947 when the city was being remodeled just like a utopian city according to the French architectural style by Le Corbusier. In its 160,000 m2 we could find animals and humans made from pieces of stone or from clay.

Or decorations that looked like ancient plugs…

Or cracks and holes…

In addition, there were fountains, waterfalls, places to sit down and all are decorated and made from pieces of discarded objects!

At its central part, it is indicated by a clearing the place where you can finally buy water and food. There is also a small aquarium and a camel, on which you can ride around the garden, if you haggle well with the owner.

And a building where underneath there is a meeting place where the young demonstrate their artistic talents by dancing, rapping, reciting, and singing to the amusement of the tourists that join them.

And there is also the entertainment that all girls alike and even older women enjoy: The swings!

To be honest, there are few things to see in Chandigarh, perhaps what will draw most of your attention will be the women’s clothes and the punjabis’ turbans. However, for something that is really worth it to see as the Rock Garden is, it seems enough so that you spend the whole day visiting it and taking pictures. It is the dream of all Lomographers! Remember: Do not be afraid to bring 10 more rolls of film because you will run short!

P.S. I am really sad that some of the photos didn’t came out and also that I was short of film rolls…really sad… It is a place that the most pictures you take, the better!

written by isabel_mebarak on 2011-03-21 #places #location #rock-garden-chandigarh-india-monument
translated by bigbadwolf

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