The beauty of destroying films…

Take any films and try soaking them in any solution you can get such as coke, detergent, lime juice etc etc.
and see the results. Different type of solution give different effects and it is unpredictable. so the fun starts from here where you can get unpredictable pictures with more colours. The longer you soaked the film, the more it will be destroyed. Seen above are some of sample pictures I did myself. I used coke, salt water and detergent. the soaking activity can be done before or after you shoot the film :)

written by zero_zeero on 2011-04-11 #gear #tutorials #film #experiment #lab-rat #tipster #fisheye #soaked


  1. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·


  2. rembow
    rembow ·

    jejaaaii yeah~

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    the photos look good, but i want it more clear. what film did you use and what fluent did you add, soaked it for how long,... to gain what results?

  4. zero_zeero
    zero_zeero ·

    for films i used negatives. havent try using slides yet maybe in future :) u can use any solution and the how long the soaking process is depends on you
    for this photos i used salt water, detergent and coke :D

  5. zero_zeero
    zero_zeero ·

    owh owh the dotty effect with fisheye camera. that one i use coke! try it bebeh!

  6. zero_zeero
    zero_zeero ·


  7. shahirmomo
    shahirmomo ·

    the coolest!!

  8. faithhopeluv
    faithhopeluv ·

    hahahaha, love it !!!,

  9. graziosa9
    graziosa9 ·

    very nice!!! been wanting to try this before but i just want to be sure how to do it. can you please explain the procedure in details? i mean after soaking what will do next? Thanks! :)

  10. zero_zeero
    zero_zeero ·

    the procedures are very simple:
    first prepare what you will need:

    2- solution. anything such as detergent, orange juice, salt water, coke, alcohol, liquor

    first shoot the whole roll
    then remove it from your camera then soak it in the solution
    make sure you set how long you want your film in the solution because if its too long, it may destroy too much pictures but sometimes it can be a great thing also
    hahahah so what i can say is the duration of time is depends on you.
    after that dry your film then send it to the nearest lab.
    i prefer shoot first before soaking my films because sometimes if you soak first before shooting, it may take a lot of time for the film to fully dry and can be use. because wet film can effect your camera,
    FUUUUUUHH! okay good luck scientists!

  11. zero_zeero
    zero_zeero ·

    owh and one more thing. instead of solutions, u can also try something that can affect your film like temperature. example boiling, heating, put it in a microwave or throw it in hell or what ever HAHA!

  12. breakingmyself
    breakingmyself ·

    Great idea! I'm soo trying this :D

  13. m22509075
    m22509075 ·

    I have to try this out! Thanks for the tips :)

  14. pasadena85
    pasadena85 ·

    but How did you dry them after soaking ?

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