CMC - My Favourite Under the Little Bars


I’m pretty sure that all of you have one or more favourite bars to hang out in at night. For me and my friends, the bar of choice is definitely the CMC.

When I started to going out, me and my friends discovered this little alternative bar in the middle of St. Gallen. I’ve known of this bar for around 3 or 4 years already and I’ve always liked going there. When you come in you’ll be on the first floor where you can just sit at the bar and drink something. Some people say they offer one of the best coffees in the whole town but I don’t drink coffee so I wouldn’t know. You can drink other things too. From water to Coke to beer and firewater ;) You can also just read the newspaper or sit there and talk because it’s pretty quiet on the ‘upper floor’.

If you have finished reading your paper or have already drank your coffee you can go down to the basement where the real party starts. In the basement there are always some DJs playing different styles of music. You can here anything between reggae, drum and bass and hip hop. Sometimes the crowd is really into the party and other times there are just some good vibes downstairs. It also has a tabletop soccer where you can play against other visitors.

I really do like this little bar because it’s very familiar and the people there are all very alternative and not so into mainstream. I hope you understand what I mean. ;) It’s perfect to hang out in, to meet friends or have a nice evening. So if you’re in St. Gallen, go and check out ‘CMC’ in the Metzgergasse near the market square.

written by daforl on 2011-03-21 #places #location #personal-story #bar-favourite-spot-town-personal-story

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One Comment

  1. cycpip
    cycpip ·

    hallo daforl :))
    als erstens möchte ich mich bei dir herzlichst für diesen grossen strauss blumen bedanken. ich habe den artikel über mein kleines cmc zufällig beim fotos googlen gefunden. es freut mich sehr das es dir und deinen freunden gefällt und ich hoffe das ich dies auch weiterhin so gestalten kann. auf ein wiedersehen. ich muss auch sagen das deine fotos echt auch der hammer sind, wau! lomo kannte ich bis jezt noch nicht. nun schon. auch dafür thx und seeya
    lg olivera hier alias cycpip :))

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