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Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located around central Europe. In 1993, Czech and Slovakia were separated and Bratislava started to lead Slovakia to its own state.

I was in Bratislava for five months to experience summer, fall and winter as each season has its characteristic. Usually after school, I’ll walk around the city although it’s not really big, I like to walk through the different tiny lanes and try to discover new things in the city.

Bratislava Castle stands nearby St. Martin’s Cathedral, which is the oldest church in Slovakia, both of them are in the city center near Novy Most (new bridge). Novy Most crosses the Danube River and you can take a walk in the riverside or have a cup of coffee after lunch. During the summer, it’s really nice to take the ferry from Novy Most to Devin Castle or Vienna.

At night, you can find a pub to try the local beer like Zlatý Bažant. Take note of the liquor, HRUŠKA. Most of the Slovakian people drink, so make sure to have that when drinking with Slovakian people.

The traffic to Bratislava is not so difficult, if you can find the way to Vienna then it is easy to get to Bratislava, also most of the central European countries have a bus line or a train to Bratislava. Next time, when you travel in EU, don’t forget to stop by and say ‘Hi!’ to this little, big city.

Transportation in Bratislava

Train or bus connection

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  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    Hi Bratislava! ive never been to your place before

  2. studapples
    studapples ·

    Bratislava's a lovely place. I wish i'd had an analogue camera when i was there

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