Samba Samba - Florianópolis, Brazil


When I was a child, I’m always thinking about when can I travel abroad. Now, I consider myself lucky as I am able to go around the world, thanks to my family. Going to Brazil seemed impossible to me at first as it’s so far away from my home. But through the World Scout Event, I was given the chance to visit one of my dream destinations.

After the World Scout Youth Forum, all the youth participants from all over the world came to this holiday resort in Florianópolis. While the northern hemisphere had winter and the southern hemisphere summer, we had really nice weather here. It’s really awesome that we were able to spend two days here, enjoy the sunshine, and passion of Brazil. The days here are always sunny that I can use my Diana Mini and Spinner 360 to record this lovely land.

The “HOT” Christmas decorations in the church’s center are interesting for people like me who celebrate Christmas in winter. On the street there’s a lot of vendors, a market, where different flip-flops, clothes etc. are being sold; of course in this summer heat, we definitely needed some beer-SKOL.

For me, life in Florianópolis is simple; where children enjoy happy lives, they can just cross the road to catch a fish or go swimming; the elders tend to their gardens and when they’re tired, they just lie in a hammock or chair, so simple and so peaceful. Before our last night there, the Brazil Scouts prepared a samba party for us, we got to enjoy different food and drinks from Brazil. Of course, we also partied to samba music all night long to finish our trip in Florianópolis!

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  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    I wanna travel the world too, and visit Brazil as well. I should apply for a passport now! I've only experienced samba, capoiera and carnivals during events sponsored by the Brazil Embassy here in the Philippines, although they were authentic, still nothing beats experiencing them in Brazil!

  2. glenn
    glenn ·


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