It's Energy that Moves the World!

How does a trip to Rio de Janeiro sound? Make this dream come true by joining our competition – get the chance to win an amazing trip with Lomography & Petrobras!

Amazing Prizes!

It’s there when your alarm clock goes off. It makes your coffee brew in the pot. It powers your computer to start. It keeps you warm when it’s cold out, and cools you off when it’s hot out. For this Competition, Energy will take you to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Interested? Read more about the competition after you see what the prizes are!

  • 4 trips to Rio de Janeiro to see your Lomographs on display!
  • 30 Lomography LC-A+ Cameras & Krab Underwater Housing
  • Winners’ Lomographs will be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Make Your Dream Come True!

So, picture this… You wake up in the morning, get ready to go out, leave the apartment, get downstairs, remember you forgot your precious Lomography camera at home, run back and get it, step onto the street and shoot your first picture of the day.

A week goes by, you wait for the film to develop, find that one picture you took on that morning and it’s better than you thought it would be. You log in to, see there’s a competition going on and join it, cause why the hell not?

Next thing you know, you’re the winner! Not only are you going to Rio de Janeiro, your pictures are going to be shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro!

Lomography is passion, a driving force in life. We follow or break the Golden Rules in order to create beauty and express ourselves through art. This time, we’ve teamed-up with Petrobras, the third biggest energy company worldwide, to share how people see energy around the world!

Show us it’s Energy that Moves the World and enter a chance to win a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see your Lomographs exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro!

One Competition, Two Stages

This four-week competition is divided into two stages. Stage 1 theme is Energy Around Me! Show us what you consider sources of energy for your daily life. Be creative, the rewards are worth it!

The first stage is ready for your submissions! Show us what the driving energy around you is.

Stage 2 will be announced after Stage 1, so stay tuned! Here’s a tip to get your creative juices flowing… It has something to do with a globe!

written by shhquiet on 2011-03-14 #news #travel #competition #petrobras

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