Hutan Bandar, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Located in Johor Bahru, Hutan Bandar Recreation Park has always been an ideal location amongst locals for family picnics, hiking, and outdoor activities. If you happen to be in town and have some time to kill, why don’t you drop by Hutan Bandar? You might be in for a surprise!

Hutan Bandar is about a 20-minute drive away from the town center. Since its opening in 1993, this park has been very popular with the locals. There are many facilities inside the park that cater to children, such as a children’s playground and swimming pool. There is also a large lake with trees planted around its perimeter so people can enjoy the shade and spend a leisurely afternoon by the lake.

In Bahasa Melayu, “Hutan Bandar” means “The forest within a city”. As the name implies, this 20.23 hectare park is full of beautiful flora and fauna. The environment creates a relaxing atmosphere for busy and stressed out city folks and is also a hot spot for wedding photography. Honestly, I somewhat regret bringing only one roll of Redscale when I was there previously and didn’t manage to capture all the vibrant colors inside the park. I promised myself that I will revisit the location again, fully equipped, and prepared!

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