My Friend Odio-et-amo

This is a short story about how I met my Lomo-Buddy Odio-et-amo.

I met Rose, aka Odio-et-amo, through the same girl who bought me my first Lomography camera. She’s fun, energetic and adventurous which I’m sure you can see through her photos. When I met her she was already into her photography (albeit digital photography), and although I was more of a videographer our interest in imagery was something we had in common.

I would always check out her latest photo uploads on Facebook, impressive snaps of the latest trip to Europe, or hilarious portraits of another wacky costume themed day of rounders in her garden.

Rose and her family know how to throw an amazing party. There will generally be a crazy costume theme or she’ll bring in a bouncy castle to shake things up and make her events a little bit different. I often wonder if it’s just because she knows it’ll make for more interesting photographs – such as these:

I began noticing that she had started using analogue cameras, usually disposable but occasionally I’d see her SLR and having just received my own Diana we began talking more about photography. Comparing my often random and sloppy Diana shots to her well framed, well focused SLR shots made me slightly envious of her skill, yet she always had a kind word to say about my own snaps which made me feel I must be doing something right.

Apparently in her own words, after seeing my account on, she was inspired to create her own LomoHome. You can even see me in some of her albums. Within a month she has received an impressive amount of ‘likes’ on her photos, it’s exciting to see that her shots are being so well received.

Due to the fact that we knew each other through a mutual friend, we would only see each other on occasion. But recently we both arranged to have a day out in London shooting Lomo. She was borrowing an LC-A from the LGS London and wanted to put it through its paces.

You can see some of my shots from this day out below (the magnifying glass was her idea!).

She’s traveling at the moment but I can’t wait to see the photos she’s taken on her trip. In the mean time, you should all go visit her home and give her some ‘likes’.


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