The Analogue Birthday Card


How do you make a birthday card for your wife (or husband, or anyone really) a little more exciting? You make one using your camera, of course…

Tired of going to a shop, searching through hundreds of birthday cards trying to find the right one that says the right thing, but never really finding it? Then make your own.

Here is what I used to make mine :

A piece of paper
Colored pens (choose whichever colors you like)
A tripod
A camera (I used the Diana F+)

The first thing I did is set the piece of paper on our table. Then I arranged the camera and the tripod so that they were lined up perfectly to shoot the piece of paper. Next, I put 2 pieces of tape down on the table to mark the position of the paper (this is a safety move for you, just in case the paper moves from its original position).

Now it was time to make the card. So I took a picture of the blank piece of paper and advanced the film.

Then I drew the letter H on the paper, snapped another photo and advanced the film again.

I continued on like this until my entire message was written on the paper. Giving me a roll of film that I could turn into a short movie.

Once I had the film developed, I scanned in the negatives and imported the images into Final Cut Pro. Then, I arranged the photos in the correct order to produce this short film for my wife’s birthday. Enjoy!!!

written by jblaze823 on 2011-05-24 #gear #tutorials #film #tripod #paper #movie #tipster #lomography #pens #diana-f #card #birthday-card


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  1. odjur
    odjur ·

    Ahw that's sweet =)

  2. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    aw! this is nice!!!! well done! :D.

  3. blancarleal
    blancarleal ·

    Jajajaja... lovely :D

  4. rene4
    rene4 ·

    I love it! Great idea! ^.^

  5. frantisek
    frantisek ·

    I'll have a birthday next month :-)))

  6. lucianag
    lucianag ·

    What a cute thing! :)

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