Fuji Provia 100F

Provia is one of the most versatile colour reversal films. I know that many people would write about how cool this film is to cross-process but I decided to not do it. At the last second I resisted to the temptation and I developed it in E6 because even if I like the surprise factor I didn’t want to distort the colours of the selected theme.

This daylight film has a super fine grain, compared with other slide films, which results in finely detailed photos for high intensified images. The colours are very real but simultaneously the primary colours are radiant and the reproduction of gradation is smooth. One of the main characteristics has to do with the bluish tone that is easily visible in white textures, like a swing light blue. This film has a great performance for multiple exposures, allowing a nice balance between layers due its sharpness.

When I picked this slide film I had the intention of cross processing it. At the very last moment I decided not to. I really doubted about it…I think I was a bit afraid of getting those blue/green images, that I like, but were not what I had in mind. The chosen place already had a lot of green and the sky was so blue that day that I decided I wanted to capture the botanical garden’s true colours. Keep faithful to the real ones since they were already so bright and didn’t need to be saturated. Of course you always keep that thought: what if…? I like the result but maybe I would have more special effects…and even if I don’t regret it next time I’ll go for x-pro!

If you didn’t play with it yet give it a try, I heard somewhere that it’s the favourite film of some good lomographers!

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