Burn All Your Negative


This experiment will show to you on how to make some weird redscale photo using ordinary redscale film especially DIY redscale.

The examples seen in this effect were done with DNP Centuria 100 only. I recommends ordinary negative film when attempting any of these film techniques because it cheap and worth it to try.

What You’ll Need

• 1 roll DNP Centuria 100 35mm
• 1 empty film canister
• 1 changing bag (for you make your redscale film)

Step One:
Make your own redscale film using empty film canister. (You can search on Lomography’s website or another website to find on how to make redscale film).

Step Two:
Load your film into any camera (in this experiment, I use Holga 135BC). And then shoot your photo. Rewind the film. After that don’t ever go to the lab for developing your film. Put your film on the window. You must make sure that every day the film will be “burn up” with bright sunlight. Just leave it for 1 – 4 month.

Step Three
Then do a normal process and try to contain your excitement while you wait for the results. You will find that the pictures will slightly fade and more grain are visible on the pictures.

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  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    If only i had the patience to wait 1-4 months haha! Great tipster.

  2. pikc
    pikc ·

    Try it and you find something that miracle!

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