Exit 17 to Dinosaur World


If big action Hollywood cinema featuring large terrestrial reptiles who roamed the Earth long before Lomographic cameras existed are your type of deal, then you’ve probably seen Jurassic Park more than a few times. Combine your love of dinosaurs with a trip down Florida’s east-west corridor on Interstate-4 and you’ll surely be excited to find Dinosaur World.

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Just look for the not-so kitschy T-Rex off of exit 17 and follow the signs. Once you’ve wrapped up all the precursory dealings (parking, admission, etc.) you’ll be able to let loose in a faux land before time.

Naturally you’ll want to see dinosaur big-wigs like the Dilophosaurus, Triceratops, and of course Mr. Terrible-of-them-all T-Rex, but take care in making your slow stroll down the foot path for an easy and enjoyable visit. It won’t be long before you come face-to-face with all 150 life-sized lizards.

Credits: adrienne-is

Should your feet feel achy, there are several benches throughout the park. Both seats and A/C can be found in the museum where video is played. However you decide to spend your own time at Dinosaur World is totally up to you. No matter what the outcome, it is destined to be FUN!

Credits: adrienne-is

Note: This location is an extension of my original article

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  1. cphalen
    cphalen ·

    we love gong there, but less once we found all of the typo's on the plaques describing the different dinosaurs.

  2. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    I love kitsch!

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