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One of the most entertaining and panoramic squares of London. It is one of my favorite places in London. Not only because it only takes me 30 minutes to walk here, but because it’s new, futuristic, contemporary, facing Tower Bridge and just next to City Hall.

Not only do tourists come here to enjoy the views, office workers whose companies occupy the surrounding buildings, as well as City Hall workers, and lots of locals, with or without children also enjoy coming here.

Sounds like a strange mix but there is definitely something for everyone. I love people watching here. So many characters to shoot! Children adore the water features, like The Rill – a simple cut through the paving, running over 260m from the Riverside space diagonally across the site down towards Tooley Street. The design’s intent was for the feature to appear almost as if a fissure had opened within the limestone, revealing a natural watercourse beneath the paving. Central to the design are the illuminated crossing points that allow safe pedestrian access across the piece.

Children come prepared, wearing Crocs. Even in winter they come with no socks, bare feet, enjoying the water line. Occasionally they use their Crocs instead of ships, floating them to each other down the stream.
Another water feature is called “The Riverside”. It consists of two hundred and ten white water jets, arranged in banks that run through a choreographed sequence. The design was particularly complex due to the varying falls across the paving, compounded by an opposing fall within the main slab. The piece includes a series of underground pools hidden beneath the paving.

No one knows how they work, so it is even more exciting for children to jump around trying to avoid becoming socking wet.

Something that’s super popular with tourists is a sculpture known as The Egg. It was created by Turner Prize nominated artist, Fiona Banner. I love taking pictures of people posing with it. She created five sculptures in total for this development, which are called Slipstream, Optical, Courier, Klang and Nuptial. Guess which one is which.

If you want to buy small copies of these sculptures, artists made door stops just for you (warning: they are pricey!): ==

And of course, there are all the major eatery chains present, along with bars, coffee shops, and a gym.
Enjoy it like a Londoner and don’t be afraid to look like a tourist!

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Beautiful place to spend the time ... I like it!!

  2. neja
    neja ·

    I love it! it's only 30 minutes walk from my house

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